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User Session Monitoring & Session Replay

Use Cases

Improve UX, Adoption and Productivity

  • Engage and Motivate Employees (for example, by collecting user feedback in real-time, reviewing it in the context of their recorded sessions, and taking prompt action).

  • Accelerate the Resolution of User Complaints (such as reviewing or replaying what a user did before experiencing an issue, without the need to communicate directly with the user, and providing a swift solution).

  • Improve Operational Efficiency.

  • Accelerate the Identification and Resolution of Technology Issues

  • Identify areas where visitors didn't find what they were looking for.

  • Analyze drop-offs to improve conversion rates.

Accelerate Conversion

  • Reach out to visitors with targeted help and offers that are based on Germain UX’s identified interests.

  • Understand why visitors don't complete orders.

  • Identify missed Sales Opportunities e.g. identify chats that didn't go well, between your sales or service teams and consumers.

  • Reduce the mean-time to make an order (e.g. on an eCommerce) by identifying gaps or inefficiencies in workflows.


Germain UX records users' interactions in real-time, 24x7, capturing every detail of what users 'see' and 'do' on a web application with pixel-perfect, millisecond-precise accuracy. This includes mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and page transitions. Automatic identification and analysis of valuable insights into the user journey, behavior, and frictions provide a comprehensive understanding of the reasons for drop-offs or poor adoption of an application or website. By integrating qualitative and quantitative analysis, Germain enables businesses to optimize their web applications, enhance user satisfaction, and drive improved business outcomes.

  • Qualitative insights are automatically derived from recorded user sessions, encompassing visual observations of user behavior, as well as instances of confusion, frustration, and wasted productivity. Germain UX's Session Replays are fully searchable, allowing manual exploration for additional qualitative insights within any recorded session or at scale. More details below.

  • Quantitative insights that quantify the user experience. More details below.

Some Background about Germain UX' Session Replay

It took our team a few weeks to create a mockup of our Session Replay mechanism. However, it required several years of effort to develop a pixel-perfect, millisecond-precise Session Replay that delivers actionable business impact at scale. This allows organizations to avoid the time-consuming task of replaying sessions throughout the year and focus on the ones that truly matter:

  • 2017: Version 1 of Germain UX's Real User Session Replay Monitoring & Insight

  • 2020: Version 2 of Germain UX's Real User Session Replay Monitoring & Insight

  • 2022: Version 3 of Germain UX's Real User Session Replay Monitoring & Insight

User Session Replay Dashboard

As Germain UX records video of user sessions navigating the web application, its User Session Replay dashboard allows anyone (part of a team with access authorization) to replay recorded sessions and analyze user interactions.

Automated UX Insights at User Session Replay-level - Germain UX

Horizontal Bar

Definition of each icon that may appear on the horizontal bar of the User Session Replay dashboard.


Ability to discern when a user is actively browsing a web application or engaged in other activities.

Session Replay with disabled user inactivity

Session Replay with disabled user inactivity - Germain UX

BP / Business Process Insight

Automatically identifies and highlights when, how long and how effective a user is engaged in your critical business processes or workflows. More details on how to configure a business process.

Business Process Step on Session Replay

Business Process Step on Session Replay

Errors (in browser, not seen by users)

Browser errors are automatically identified and analyzed by GermainUX. These are errors not seen by users but yet produced by an application in a browser.

Errors on Session Replay

Browser Errors on Session Replay - Germain UX

Errors (Seen by Users)

Germain UX has the ability to isolate errors that affect users as 'User Error' from the millions of others that don't.

User Errors on Session Replay - Germain UX

More details on how to tag errors as User Errors.


Real User Feedback (for NPS) allows your monitored users to provide feedback in real-time. This feedback is available in the context of the recorded session, which you can replay at any time. It's also accessible at scale on other dashboards.

Surveys can be slow, extensive, and often inaccurate. Germain's Real User Feedback Popup offers a more effective way to quickly identify widespread user complaints at scale and understand why a user complained by watching or replaying their session. Germain's Real User Feedback Popup can be enabled or disabled once Germain RUM JS or Ext is deployed. More details about the Real User Feedback popup are provided below.


Browser freezes are what Google calls “

Browser Freeze on Session Replay Dashboard - Germain UX

automatically detected by Germain UX and it looks like this.


Ability to leave a note or to-do action for yourself or one of your teammates using Notes. Notes can be added on the Session Replay or on any other metrics and dashboards. More details about Notes.

Notes Integration on Session Replay

Notes Integration on Session Replay


A Rage click occurs when a user repetitively clicks on the same UI element (e.g., a button or image). Germain UX automatically identifies Rage Clicks, providing valuable insights to understand unclear page content or unresponsive technology.

Rage Clicks on Session Replay

Rage Clicks analysis on Session Replay dashboard - Germain UX

Example showing a User clicking 7 times on an image! - Rage Click on Germain UX

User clicked 3 times on the Search button - Rage click on Germain UX

All meta and business data captured by Germain is 100% searchable, both manually and automatically. The blue bar highlights the results of your search, helping to narrow down the section of the session that contains your search criteria. You can manually search for specific events, interactions, or attributes within recorded sessions. Alternatively, you can automate the search at scale. Finally, the search is recursive, meaning that from an Aggregate, Pivot, or Drillthrough Dashboard, you can list out all the User Sessions/Replays that contain the criteria you are searching for, saving you from having to watch thousands of videos.

Content Search in Session Replay

Example of a User searching for the string “Calendar” in a Recorded Session - Germain UX

Vertical Bar

Click, Event and Business Process

The vertical bar provides a list of Clicks, Events, Errors, Workflow (…) performed by a user while browsing the monitored application. Customizable color coding is available to help understand transaction success, slowness, and failures.

Example showing a User worked on a Critical Business Process “Bridgeport*ct to boston” - Germain UX


KPIs, Measures, Pivots

We offer a range of preconfigured Insights to analyze user experience, including:

  • ~20 KPIs

  • ~140 measures

  • ~50 pivots

Here are more details about preconfigured KPIs, Measures and Pivots. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create your own KPI, or we can assist you in doing so.

Details while replaying a session

  • Browser Position
    Germain helps understand how users position their browsers on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Browser Window position on Session Replay

Browser Window position on Session Replay - Germain UX

  • Cursor
    The real user's mouse cursor is automatically replayed and circled in blue.

Real Cursor on Session Replay

Real Cursor on Session Replay

  • Key Press
    Any key pressed by a user is automatically recorded and replayed.

  • Load Time
    The real load time of web pages is recorded and replayed, useful for A/B testing and other use cases. Percentiles are automatically computed, allowing you to effectively identify your biggest load time issues and eliminate corner cases.

  • Mouse Click
    Mouse clicks or user touches are recorded and replayed.

  • Multi-Tab
    Every tab a user opens for browsing the authorized/monitored application is recorded by Germain UX. Other tabs are not recorded by Germain UX.

Multi-tab support on Session Replay

Multi-tab support on Session Replay - Germain UX

  • Selection
    Germain UX captures every interaction with dropdown lists, menus, and text.

    Text Selection highlighted on Session Replay

    Text Selection highlighted on Session Replay - Germain UX

  • Native Popup
    Replication of the behavior and appearance of any popup is often critical to understanding UX.

  • User Input
    Real-time recording of any user input (e.g., mouse clicks, keyboard strokes) during testing or analysis provides an authentic playback of user interactions.

  • Static Resources Versioning
    This feature involves versioning static resources like CSS, JavaScript, and images, ensuring that the correct versions of these resources are loaded. This is crucial for maintaining a consistent and functional user experience.

Business Impact (at scale)

As no one has the time to watch thousands of videos, Germain automatically identifies crucial insights from user session recordings at scale. These insights highlight significant frictions at the levels of behavior, workflow, and technology across the user community. Instead of spending days watching and replaying numerous sessions, critical insights are conveniently displayed on the Aggregate Dashboard, offering a comprehensive understanding of the most significant UX issues at scale. Additionally, more detailed dashboards, including Pivot, Drill-through, and RCA dashboards, allow for in-depth analysis of each UX issue.

Example of a Custom dashboard focused on reporting UX Insights at Scale, in real-time - Germain UX

Secured (GDPR, PCI)

Germain ensures that the data captured and stored adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and other applicable data privacy and security regulations. User data is secured and handled with privacy and confidentiality in mind. More details about Germain’s compliance, data security, and privacy.

Component: RUM JS, RUM Ext

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later


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