Germain monitors Network performance following 2 approaches: via Germain Engine that monitors performance of Network Devices on a hardware or via Germain RUM (extension or js) that monitors performance of Network Interface from a browser 


Via Germain Engine

Create target server

1. Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Data Source > Add server (...)

Create Network Monitor Instance

1. Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Wizards > Network Monitor 

2. Select Source Server from the drop-down list (This is the server the component will run)

3. Select the target server that we created in previous steps

4. Provide the Monitor Name or use the default name

5. Select Monitoring node and Engine from the drop-down list

6. Set a schedule for how often this component should run

7. If this component will run through SSH, provide credentials for SSH connection

8. Click Next

9. Provide value for threshold (e.g. If 10s is provided, any result that has a response time of greater than 10s will trigger this SLA)

10. Choose or skip Portlet style

11. Choose the dashboard where the Portlet will be added.

12. Click Finish

Via Germain RUM

This applies to both Germain RUM Browser Extension or Javascript.

Enable "Report Poor Network Location"

  • Log on to Germain UX
  • left menu > Analytics > UX Monitoring Profiles


The following line can be added to the Germain RUM’s initScript to modify the list of poor grades (i.e. what is considered "poor network"):

settings.plugins.poorNetworkLocation.poorGrades = ['slow-2g', '2g', '3g'];

e.g. '3g' can be removed so only 2g and below are considered poor.

ECTMinimum RTTMaximum downlinkExplanation
slow-2g2000ms50 KbpsThe network is suited for small transfers only such as text-only pages.
2g1400ms70 KbpsThe network is suited for transfers of small images.
3g270ms700 KbpsThe network is suited for transfers of large assets such as high resolution images, audio, and SD video.
4g0msThe network is suited for HD video, real-time video, etc.

Source: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Glossary/Effective_connection_type

Data Model

KPI: UxMetric

  • Type: [Browser:Poor Network]

  • Value: [DownlinkMbps] - The values of 'slow-2g', '2g', '3g', and '4g' are determined using observed round-trip times and downlink values.

  • Name: [NetworkGrade]

  • Location: [LocationDimension]

Examples of network related portlets