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02/28/21 Release Notes

Analytics - Better visualization options for Code Analysis

Customers: American Airlines, eBay, Largest US-Based Healthcare


New visualization to give a different way to look at the code execution path.


PHP call graph

PHP treemap

.NET treemap

Java treemap

Monitoring & Analytics - PHP code profiling in real-time

Customers: American Airlines, eBay


Realtime profiling/analysis of PHP code. Agent required to be deployed, similarly to other code-base e.g. Java, c#, golang, etc.


Monitoring & Analytics - Smart Insights (enh)


Completed preconfiguration of all our SLA for Smarter insights. Support for various business periods (e.g. month-end, quarter-end, year-end, etc).

This comes in addition to what we did last month: Monitoring & Analytics - Smart Insights (historical data analysis & prediction)

Salesforce Monitoring & Analytics

Customers: American Airlines, ANZ Bank, General Electric, Volvo


In addition to the Real User Monitoring and Replay, here are a number of new metrics Germain collects while monitoring a apps.

  • Javascript Code Analysis (realtime)  gets recorded via our 2nd Browser Extension (Chrome and other browsers) that is separate from the above extension

  • Connected users, Page Performance

  • Synthetic availability / synthetic click (when multifactor authentication disabled)

  • Business Process monitoring/insights

  • User Errors and Custom Errors (app or developer errors e.g. “Sorry or interrupt”, warnings, errors, asserts thrown into browser console by apex, views, developers, …)

  • Volume of Process Approvals

  • Volume of Actions Custom Apex

  • Volume of Actions Custom Flow

  • Volume of Actions Custom ExternalService

  • Volume of Records (amount of opportunities, accounts, leads, contacts, …)

  • Volume of Process Rules

  • Volume of Switch To Lightning

  • Volume of Switch To Classic

  • Volume of Lightning Users

  • Performance By Page (server side data; grouped as in the screenshot attached)

  • Performance By Browser (server side data; grouped as in the screenshot attached)

  • Apex Callout Event Type

  • Apex Execution Event Type

  • Apex Trigger Event Type

  • API Event Type

  • Aura Request Event Type

  • External OData Callout Event Type

  • Lightning Page View Event Type

  • Lightning Performance Event Type

  • Login Event Type

  • Logout Event Type

  • Metadata API Operation Event Type

  • Queued Execution Event Type

  • Report Event Type

  • Report Export Event Type

  • REST API Event Type

  • URI Event Type

  • Visualforce Request Event Type

SFDC integrations:

  • SFDC User Interface

  • SFDC Rest API

  • SFDC Data Log Events/ Service

  • Network between SFDC User’s Browser and SFDC Web Server

(Other Benefits that are available: Monitoring & Analytics - (01/31/21) )


All examples are available: Salesforce Monitoring (Classic, Lightning) | Examples

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