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Automation - Synthetic User Click Recorder


Just a few minutes needed to: record a Synthetic User Click/Scenario, enable it against your web app, set SLA, set automation (alert, script execution, etc), create dashboard (to visualize its execution), all this to start proactively detect issues with your web application.

Germain has been integrated with Selenium for over 4 years now, but before this enhancement, creating a Selenium script and letting Germain execute it 24x7 wasn't that easy, required significant knowledge of Selenium, etc.

With this new Germain Synthetic User Click Recorder, it is now super easy and only takes a few minutes to record a Synthetic User Scenario and enable it for continuous 24x7 proactive issue detection.

The recording process of a Synthetic User Scenario is very similar to what you would experience with Loadrunner, except that loadrunner does not record user click but records http traffic generated by user click(s) i.e. none of the javascript, static content, browser related event get recorded and executed with Loadrunner, yet they do with Germain and Selenium.


A video showing that you can record a Synthetic User Scenario and let it run continuously, all this with Germain, in just 2 minutes:

Browser Support

Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox can be used. More details here: Click / Synthetic User Scenario

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