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Note/Ticket Dashboard


Tired of having to go back and forth between your ticketing system (github, jira, rally, etc) and GermainUX workspace? use NOTE in germainUX.

A Note is like a “ticket” which you can create on top of any metrics or dashboard in Germain Workspace. A Note can be assigned to anyone. Email is automatically sent whenever a Note is created or updated.

Add a Note

On Aggregate Dashboard

Add a Note on Aggregate Dashboard - Germain UX

On a Metric on Drill-through Dashboard

Add a Note on a Metric on Drillthrough Dashboard - Germain UX

On Session Replay RCA Dashboard

Right-clicking (or the equivalent action on a Mac) on the horizontal bar of the Session Replay dashboard will bring up the 'Add Note' tooltip. Clicking on it opens the Note popup, allowing you to add a note or comment. Once added, a brown icon will appear to indicate the availability of a message, which you can view by hovering your mouse cursor over it.

Add a Note on Session Replay - Germain UX

Manage Notes

To view and manage all the notes, please go to Germain Workspace > left menu > Notes

Note dashboard - Germain UX

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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