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Configure Categorization

For generic application built with standard tech (e.g. java, goLang, php, c++, etc) this categorization feature is already configured out-of-the-box.

However for more complex application, you will want to define a Categorization to identify more complex Crash or Exception if it involves the analysis of several data sources. This functionality can be easily customized by writing a Javascript processor.

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Analytics > Categorization

Categorization Screen on Germain UX

Human readable Categories

Here is an example of how to use human-readable category labels instead of the automatically generated category IDs provided by GermainUX for errors captured by either Germain UX - RUM JS or Germain UX - RUM Extension. This approach enhances performance and improves data comprehension, particularly regarding error types.

Labels can be added for a list of categories as follows:


Assign a label to replace the auto-generated category IDs - Germain UX.

Java Exception Categorization Configuration

Please contact us.

Javascript Error Categorization Configuration

Please contact us.

Salesforce Apex Exception Configuration

Here is how to enable categorization of salesforce apex exception.

Siebel Object Manager Crash Categorization Configuration

Here is how to enable categorization of siebel object manager Crash.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later

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