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Monitoring & Analytics - Error Analysis Mechanism


American Airlines, Allan Gray, General Electric, True Telecom


Identify "new & critical" errors among million. Ops teams are commonly overloaded with a high volume of errors at every level of the infrastructure. Most of the time, it is hard or impossible to quickly understand whether the errors impact the business, and it takes quite some time to find the ones that are “new”—as opposed to the ones that are “known/reoccurring.” Because of this, Ops teams frequently ignore these errors, thinking they have more critical issues to deal with. Or, on the other hand, teams may take the drastic approach of restarting their app when they get too many complaints from the business, incorrectly thinking that a restart will make these errors go away. Meanwhile end-users (including online consumers in some cases!) are impacted by these errors that pop up on their browser and may disconnect, directly affecting the business by causing poor UX, revenue loss, higher churn, etc. To help address these pains, Germain now has the ability to:

  1. Identify a single “new” type of error (or crash) among millions of errors that are “known”

  2. Assess an error’s business impact (user disconnection, process friction, etc). This new “error categorization” mechanism can be used to classify any type of Errors that are generated by any types of apps, i.e. desktop, web, mobile, SAAS, homegrown, packaged, etc.

  3. Help understand the business impact in terms of user or process impact


Significantly improve UX and Process performance by finding within minutes (instead of months) critical errors that affect the business the most, and finding their root-cause, which in turns improve Customer Experience, Retention or Sales.



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