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Monitoring & Analytics - Smart Insights Daily Summary


In addition to receiving individual email alert whenever a kpi is exceeding SLA, you can receive a summary email once per day that summarizes all the kpi that have exceeded SLA that day.

Example: @ Germain, we receive daily summary email that looks like this helping us identify the biggest variations that occurred that day, variations relative to what happened last week, last month, last quarter, last year. currently ~1100 kpi/sla are being analyzed for any given cloud instances that we maintain. This Daily Summary email comes in addition to any real-time alert and automation that get automatically triggered and processed by Germain.

Last but not least, these 1100 KPIs are of various natures: Technology, Process, User or Business. By default, we just enable our Smart Insight engine for all active KPIs.

Configure / example

  • Automation > Alerts > analytical-sla-alert

  • Analytics > SLA > Smart Insights SLA - Day

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