One of the largest telco in the world, has around 11,000 sales and service representatives. Needless to say, the UX of technologies used by these reps is critical—but it’s not the easiest thing to achieve considering the ever-changing business needs and scale of their business. Thanks to Germain, this company now monitors UX, uptime, and performance of its mission-critical technologies 24/7 and in near real-time. A number of key Germain features have helped this organization resolve critical UX issues in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do so. 


  • Critical UX errors affecting hundreds of users every day.

  • Proactive and predictive monitoring and analytics in place aren't detecting every UX issue

  • End-users don't typically report issues, but they were being affected by critical UX error every day.

  • Quarterly releases make it very challenging to continue achieving optimal UX.

  • Significant customization


Germain's user session recording and analysis allowed this organization to be aware of these UX issues and allowed them to identify the scenarios that lead to these UX issues. They can now do all of this within minutes after the issue occurs.

  • UX Issue finding: nobody has time to watch thousands of user session videos. Luckily, Germain records these videos and analyzes them, critical User Errors are found minutes after they occur, and an alert is sent to the stakeholder when all is said and done.

  • Business impact analysis: not every error is critical, and they are often thousands or even millions of them happening. Germain helps organizations answer questions like, how many users are affected by an error? How often? For how long? Is data loss associated with this error? Traditionally speaking, it takes days of analysis to understand the business impact of an error. Germain is able to do so in minutes.

  • Reproduction scenario identification: if you can't reproduce an issue, all you’re doing is guessing you have a fix without being sure. Trial and error is costly and clearly not in line with providing optimal UX. It often takes days or even weeks to find the use cases that lead to an error. Germain is able to find it in minutes.

  • Root-cause analysis:  Finding the root-cause of a user error is harder than it sounds. Germain goes deep into the symptom and starts highlighting some of the areas that are a possible root-cause, thus allowing you to drill down to find the root-cause.

  • Resolution: when the root-cause is an application object, script or other piece of code, germainCRT (that integrates with Germain) provides tuning recommendations and reminding best-practices to developers.


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