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Maintenance - Terraform


Online Electronic Trading organization (under NDA)


Terraform script is being used by one of our clients to automatically deploy Germain services within the client’s own AWS. It’s also being used to deploy regular EC2 instances and run Elastic as a docker container. This requires Terraform scripts to allocate the EC2 instances, as well as any S3 space for backups.  More details about what the Terraform script does:


Create VPC for Germain servers

Create security groups

Allocate EC2 instances for Germain App  servers (4x r6d.2xlarge)

Run Zookeeper container on App servers

Run ActiveMQ container on 1x app server

Run Germain Germain services on App servers

Run 4x Tomcat instances on App servers

Configure load balancing across Tomcat instances

Create RDS instance for config and auth tables (I’d estimate something like a db.m5.xlarge would be sufficient for this)

Allocate EC2 instances for ES cluster (5x i3.2xlarge)

Run Elasticsearch container on 5x nodes

Run Kibana container on 1x node

Create S3 bucket for datamart backup

Create IAM user with permissions to write to S3

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