One the largest healthcare providers in the United States, needed to understand and provide a better User Experience to its mission-critical users. This organization is growing rapidly—and that growth has been amplified by the pandemic. Another result of the pandemic has been the need for this organization to keep operations lean while scaling its sales and service. Migrating from Siebel CRM to, consolidating all monitoring and automation under one platform, and focusing even more on what's mission-critical to the business are some of changes that were made to help achieve this organization's growth objective.


  • Hectic timeline to implement while still executing a number of dot releases.

  • Significant integrations

  • 3 Monitoring and Automations solutions in place, yet nothing was helping this organization understand and improve the User Experience of SFDC Shield provides deep Application-level performance monitoring but no UX, no automation, and it only works for Salesforce. Splunk is an amazing log analyzer, but it does not provide UX insights, and it is not an Germain either. Dynatrace is an Germain, but it only provides basic UX insights and has a number of critical limitations that are tied to its core architecture.


Early 2021, this organization very cautiously started to monitor 1, then 2, 300 and now around 800 users using Germain. Within the next few months, they will monitor thousands. Germain's capabilities deployed at this organization include:

  • User Experience real-time insights (via Germain's real user monitoring, behavior analysis, and session replay)

  • Proactive detection of user Issues (via Germain's synthetic transaction)

  • Automatic issue resolution, whenever safely possible. ( may be a SAAS solution, but there are still tons of issues that occur, and some can be automatically addressed—whether the issue is missing or poor business data, failing integration, bad customization, etc.) 


Monitoring & Analytics - Salesforce (09/30/21)