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Healthcare improves UX of

One of the largest healthcare providers in the United States recognized the need to enhance the User Experience (UX) for its users, especially considering their critical role in the organization's operations. With rapid growth and the challenges posed by the pandemic, streamlining processes while maintaining excellent service became paramount. To achieve their growth objectives, the organization underwent significant changes, including migrating from Siebel CRM to and consolidating monitoring and automation under a single platform.


  • Limited timeline to implement alongside ongoing dot releases

  • Complex integrations with multiple systems

  • Existing monitoring and automation solutions failed to provide comprehensive UX insights

  • SFDC Shield offered application-level performance monitoring but lacked UX insights and automation capabilities

  • Splunk served as a log analyzer but did not provide UX insights and was not an all-in-one solution

  • Dynatrace, while useful, had limitations tied to its core architecture and offered basic UX insights


In early 2021, the organization cautiously implemented Germain to monitor users, starting with a small group and gradually scaling up to nearly 800 users, with plans to expand to thousands more in the coming months. The capabilities deployed by Germain for this organization included:

Real-time User Experience Insights

Leveraging Germain's real user monitoring, behavior analysis, and session replay to gain deep insights into user experiences within .

Proactive Issue Detection

Utilizing Germain's synthetic transaction capabilities to proactively identify and address user issues before they impact operations.

Automatic Issue Resolution

Whenever feasible and safe, Germain's automation capabilities resolve issues automatically, covering a range of potential issues such as missing or inaccurate business data, integration failures, and problematic customizations.

The organization embraced Germain as the solution that offered comprehensive UX insights, robust automation, and the ability to cater specifically to users. This allowed them to gain a holistic understanding of user experiences and resolve issues promptly.

As this healthcare provider continues to scale and optimize its operations, Germain remains a trusted partner in their journey towards providing an exceptional User Experience within .

If you'd like to explore how Germain can enhance your organization's User Experience and streamline operations, please reach out to us. We're here to help you achieve your growth objectives and ensure an outstanding UX for your users."

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