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Largest US-based Healthcare improves Adoption of

One of the largest healthcare providers in the United States recognized the need to enhance the Adoption, User Experience, Process Efficiency and Technology Performance for Salesforce CRM and its Users, especially considering their critical role in the organization's operations. With rapid growth and the challenges posed by the pandemic, streamlining processes while maintaining excellent service became paramount. To achieve their growth objectives, the organization underwent significant changes, including migrating from Oracle Siebel CRM to Salesforce CRM and consolidating monitoring and automation under a single platform.


  • Limited timeline to implement alongside ongoing dot releases.

  • Complex integrations with multiple systems.

  • Existing monitoring and automation solutions failed to provide comprehensive UX insights.

  • Salesforce (SFDC) Shield offered application-level performance monitoring but lacked UX insights and automation capabilities.

  • Splunk served as a log analyzer but did not provide UX insights and was not an all-in-one solution.

  • Dynatrace, while useful, had limitations tied to its core architecture and offered basic UX insights.


The organization implemented an all-in-one monitoring and automation platform to improve Adoption, UX, Process Efficiency, and Technology Performance. In early 2021, the organization began monitoring a small group of Salesforce users and has gradually scaled up to nearly 2500 users and growing.

User Experience Insights

Leveraging Germain's real user monitoring, behavior analysis, and session replay to gain deep insights into user experiences within Salesforce.

Technology Performance Insights and Automation

The organization uses Germain to monitor, analyze, and automate the resolution of performance issues that affect Salesforce applications and underlying integrations.

Business Process/Workflow Performance Insight

Germain analyzes the overrun (loss of productivity) incurred by users while using Salesforce. This helps identify areas where users waste time trying to perform a task.

For more details on real-time benefits for this healthcare client with Salesforce application, please see the following section.


Here is an example of how Germain is providing valuable User Experience (UX) insights to this SFDC client. The client has developed a custom applet on SFDC called "quick search". They required specific insights from this applet, and Germain is now delivering these insights in near real-time.

Custom Quick Search Applet:

Custom Quick Search Applet on SFDC

One of the Germain UX Dashboards Reporting Real-time UX Insights about this Quick Search Applet:

Example of a Custom Dashboard reporting real-time UX Insights about a SFDC Applet

More Benefits:

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