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Video Monitoring (Vimeo, ...)


Germain UX RUM JS monitors end users' interactions with videos available on the monitored web application. The following data will be collected by this generic monitoring:

  • Events

    • Played

    • Paused

    • Ended

    • Seeked

    • Error

    • Full Screen Change

  • Transactions

    • Video Watched (duration in seconds)


Web Analytics KPIs, Pivots & Measures | Video-Monitoring-KPIs

Vimeo Monitoring

Monitoring of Vimeo videos is available for all web applications, with or without Vimeo Player API JS enabled on the monitored app. Meta data collected contains details about video ID and title.

This data will be collected in addition to the generic events and transactions:

  • Events

    • Enter/Leave Picture-in-picture mode

    • Resize (collected on request)

    • Camera Change (collected on request)

    • Duration Change (collected on request)

    • Playback Rate Change (collected on request)

    • Volume Change (collected on request)

    • Chapter Change (collected on request)


Vimeo video events monitoring by Germain UX

Vimeo video events

Vimeo video transactions monitoring by Germain UX

Vimeo watched transactions

Component: RUM JS

Feature Availability: 2023.4 or later

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