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Deploy Code Profiling for Java

This is to monitor the java code-level performance of a Java application. This requires Germain UX - Code Profiler.


  • JRE 8 (Java version 1.8) or latest.


There are three steps to installation:

  1. Placing the two agent JAR files in a location accessible to all applications that will be monitored.

  2. Creating a configuration file for each of the applications being monitored.

  3. Starting those applications with an additional -javaagent argument to the JVM.

Files provided by germain

  • apm-agent.jar

  • apm-agent-runtime.jar



Configuration files

The file is a generic template that can be copied and filled in for each application. Suggestion: name each copy agent-[APPLICATION_NAME].properties so they can all reside in the same folder. See the section on configuration for the meaning of each property.

JVM Argument

Any scripts used to start the existing Java applications need to be modified to pass an additional -javaagent argument to the JVM.


IBM JVM only JVM Argument:

If you are using the IBM JVM you will need to add the following to any scripts used to start the existing Java applications to include the file.[PATH_TO_SECURITY_FILE]/


Component: Code Profiler

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later

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