Germain requires AD groups to be created as “germain_apm_admin” and “germain_apm_user” which will be used to authorize the access to dashboard and config UI.

Creating Groups in AD
  1. On the Windows machine where AD is installed, open “Server Manager” window

  2. From the Tools Menu on right top corner, select “Active Directory Users and Computers”

  3. In the left side menu, Drill Down your domain name

  4. Right Click on Users and select New -> Group

  5. Create a group with name “germain_apm_admin”. Clilck “Ok”

  6. You will see a group with name germain_apm_admin is created.

  7. Follow same steps to create group “germain_apm_user

Create Users in AD

If you want to create new users:

  1. From the same window of “Active Directory Users and Computers”, right click on Users->New->User

  2. Add First Name, Last Name and Logon Name and click Next

  3. Set the Password and select “Password Never Expires” then click Next

  4. Click Next and then click Finish.

  5. Follow the same steps and create another


We have groups and users added, now we will assign users to the groups 

  1. On the same window of “Active Directory Users and Computers”, you will see users and groups which you have created on the right side.

  2. Right click on a user (in this example “bob johnson”, Select “Properties”)

  3. Select the “Member Of” tab on the top, click on Add, a pop-up window will open

  4. Enter group name as “germain_apm_admin” and hit enter, you will see this group added in the “Member Of” list of the user

  5. Click “Apply” and then “Ok”

  6. Follow the same steps to add second user which you have created and add it to “germain_apm_user” group.