Workspace is the main place you should expect doing anything from. yet a second UI (called “config console”) is provided and like the backdoor to anything you cannot do with the workspace


Default place to go to configure anything.

Analytics Dashboard

Where to configure the “how” data gets analyzed e.g. KPI, SLA

Automation Dashboard

Where you define any automated action, email, sql, etc

Datasource Dashboard

Software or/and Hardware you need Germain to collect data from or execute automation into.

Germain Dashboard

Where you go to manage Germain’s operational state.

System Dashboard

Anything else 🙂

Wizards Dashboard

Preconfigured or Custom Wizards to help configure anything

Configuration Console

Germain UX's Configuration Console is the "back door" to configure Germain UX and as such, lets you configure Germain UX in any way you like, whenever you are unable to do it with Germain UX's Workspace. 

Log on to Config Console


(From Workspace): Left Menu > System > System Settings

Request Access 

Please ask your Germain Administrators. It is recommended not to give your regular users access to the Config Console.


Administrators: to Enable or add any Alert, Insights, Automation, Dashboard, Report, (...). whenever that cannot be done via Workspace


Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later