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Errors on Germain dashboard?


An error code shows up on the Germain dashboard


  1. Open "Inspect element" in the browser (right click on Firefox or Chrome)
  2. Check in the "Network" tab if there's a JSON response with data from the page (refresh the page's content once on the Network tab)
  3. If there is, the issue is on the UI: check in the "Console" tab for errors (uncheck "Net" and "CSS"); most probably issues connecting to or https://* (* NOTE: a clear symptom when these cannot be reached from the Germain server is that loading the Dashboard will be VERY slow)
  4. If not, then the issue is on the communication somewhere. Review the logs for errors again.


A component is not working as expected or no data is visible for the component


1. Navigate to Germain State

2. Click on the engine that is running the component (In this example I am choosing solr-monitor)

3. Click on the component tab to expand the list of components

4. The expanded list will show all the components running in that engine

5. If there is a red warning sign beside a component. It means that this component failed while trying to run.

6. Clicking on the error will show you more details about the error

7. You can hover over the details icon to get a quick glance at the error.

8. Or you can click on each individual row to get an in-depth view of the error

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