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Battery Level Monitoring


Germain UX RUM JS monitors battery level of end user’s machine and creates an event when:

  • battery charge goes below a configured threshold (default set to 15%)

  • charging status changes (e.g. from a plugged laptop to unplugged)


KPIs for User Monitoring and Replay | Battery-Level-Monitoring-KPIs


Battery Status Change on Analysis Portlet

Battery Status Change on Analysis Portlet

RCA of a Battery Status Change

RCA of a Battery Status Change



The following code sample how to create battery level events when the battery charge is equal or goes below 30%.

const settings = germainApm.getDefaultSettings();
settings.plugins.battery.levelThreshold = 30;

Component: RUM JS

Feature Availability: 2022.3 or later

Browser Support: only latest Chrome, Edge and Opera

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