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Monitoring & Analytics - Android Mobile Device




germain Germain is now available for download on Android's Play Store. This germain Germain android app monitors performance of a Android Mobile device and find issues affecting its performance (disk, memory, cpu, network, etc).

Metrics we collect:

  • Application usage
  • Battery State
  • CPU usage
  • Disk usage internal & external (sd card, …)
  • IP address
  • Memory usage
  • Network Bandwidth
  • Network State (wifi, 3g, 4g, ….)
  • Process (including app name, pid, memory usage, state..)
  • Service usage (including service crash count, pid)
  • Device information (manufacturer, brand, osVersion, ...)


  • Integrated “device id” which can be uses to correlate data for a given device.
  • UUID for a device (this becomes critical for device-server data correlation, when no sessionId for instance)

Download it here: 


  • if you need to monitor User Experience of any Native Mobile App, please contact us to discuss the requirements
  • If you need to monitor User Experience of a Html Mobile App, all you need is to inject the JS scripts we either have provided you with, JS scripts you can also download here: Germain UX - RUM JS  and configuration guidelines are here: Germaininit.<yourapp>.js configuration


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