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Configure Campaign Monitoring

Deploy Campaign Monitoring

Campaign-related insights are collected by these components:

Deploy User Session Replay

Deploy Real User Monitoring and Session Replay for Insights on Marketing Campaigns after deployment of Germain UX - RUM JS or Germain UX - RUM Extension.

Configure Campaign Monitoring

Google Analytics UTM configuration

Define your Google Analytics UTM parameters.

  • From page query string.

  • From __utmz cookie.

More details here in Google Analytics.

Campaign Extractor configuration

Define your Custom Extractor function in Germain UX.

That can be provided via settings.application.campaignExtractor to extract Campaign information available on your web application.

The following code sample shows how to write a custom campaignExtractor to collect Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters from page query string.

const settings = germainApm.getDefaultSettings();
settings.application.campaignExtractor = function() {
    var queryString =;
    if (queryString) {
        var values = germainApm.utils.parseQueryStringToMap(queryString); // internal function to convert query string into a map
        if (values['utm_medium'] && values['utm_source']) { // required fields
            return {
                source: values['utm_source'] || null,
                medium: values['utm_medium'] || null,
                content: values['utm_content'] || null,
                name: values['utm_campaign'] || null,
                term: values['utm_term'] || null
    return undefined;

Create a Dashboard for Campaign Analysis

Once all the real-time monitoring of campaign is enabled, you then need to configure Aggregate/Analytics Dashboard.

Here is an example of Pivots and Measures that you want to set on a portlet of an analytic dashboard, to start getting some insights on your marketing campaign(s):


Campaign Pivots and Measures setting on a Tabular Portlet- Germain UX

  • Campaign Content


    Campaign Content - Germain UX

  • Campaign Medium
    Campaign Medium is the “medium” that was used by your user to come to your site (organic traffic, paid traffic, referral etc).


    Campaign Medium - Germain UX

  • Campaign Name


    Campaign Name - Germain UX

  • Campaign Source
    Campaign Source is where your website’s traffic comes from (Facebook, Google, etc).


    Campaign Source - Germain UX

  • Campaign Term


Campaign Term - Germain UX

  • Referrer URL


Referrer URL - Germain UX

  • Referrer URL Type


Referrer Type - Germain UX

  • Referrer URL Sub-Type


Referrer URL Sub-Type - Germain UX

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us: . We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.


Component: RUM JS

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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