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Search And Filters


Raw and Aggregated Data are fully searchable on any of the dashboards

Explore our data

Keyword-based guided search.

This is a place where you can automatically create a dashboard by selecting “keywords”

Full Text Search

Free text search or enter any text.

Strings/Values that contain a colon : or any of our other operators ==, <, >, !=, <=, >= can be quoted with single quote ' or double quote"

Recursive Search

Search dives within your data (parents and childs). Very handy when trying to assess the impact of an issue at scale. For instance, you want to know how many users ordered “product abc” or saw popping up “error 123” on their page, you can search for that on Germain’s Drill-through dashboard then drilldown on each of the session replays and watch the user ordering “product abc” or experiencing the “error 123” technology issue.

Content Search in Session Replay

Content Search in Session Replay

Date/Time Filter

Filter displayed data globally on all Portlets with the Time filter

Time Zone

Data and Metadata Filters

Any data collected by Germain UX (e.g. Server name, user, component name, database, etc…)

Metadata Filter - Germain UX

Remove or Save a Filter - Germain UX

Save a Filter (for you and/or others)

You can save Filter Groups for yourself, or to be available for others:

Save Filter - Germain UX

Make Filter public or private - Germain UX

Filter Groups - Germain UX

Count and Percent per KPI

Count and Percent are now accessible for any value or key performance indicator (KPI) listed within the Filter. That allows you to quickly understand how to filter analyze data.

Count and Percent on Filter - Germain UX

Count and Percent for Duration on Filter - Germain UX

Filter Management screen

The Filter Management screen empowers your Germain Administrator to maintain filters for various teams. It allows the management of both public and private filters, facilitating updates, disabling, and toggling of filters from a centralized location.

Edit filter from Germain UX portlet

Note: Only users with UI or Config Admin permissions can edit public filters. Regular users are limited to editing their own filters.

Filters Management Screen - Germain UX

Advanced Filters

Set Dashboard-level Filter can be added at a dashboard and portlet level. Always easier to add a filter at a dashboard level which applies to all portlets.

Example of Use Case: to quickly include or exclude hundreds of errors from a portlet so you focus on what is critical.

Filter Errors in or out on Germain UX

Video overview:

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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