Raw and Aggregated Data are fully searchable on any of the dashboards

Explore our data

Keyword-based guided search.

This is a place where you can automatically create a dashboard by selecting “keywords”

Full Text Search

Free text search or enter any text.

Strings/Values that contain a colon : or any of our other operators ==, <, >, !=, <=, >= can be quoted with single quote ' or double quote"

Named Search

Tagged search

Recursive Search

Search dives within your data (parents and childs). Very handy when trying to assess the impact of an issue at scale.

Date/Time Filter

Filter displayed data globally on all Portlets with the Time filter

Time Zone

Data Filter

Any data collected by Germain UX (e.g. Server name, user, component name, database, etc…)

Save a Filter (for you and/or others)

You can save Filter Groups for yourself, or to be available for others:

Comparison overlay

  • Overlay metric information from any previous moment to compare periods.

  • Grey dotted line shows data values on mouse-over.

  • Available on any Portlet.

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later