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Monitoring & Analytics - compliance & audit review


One of our clients needs to provide data from its CRM application to another system for Compliance review & Auditing. Specifically, client is planning to query Germain datamart to pull out data and send it to its compliance repository. Some of the data that is going to be pulled out of the Germain datamart:

  • Successful Logon Attempts
  • Logoff
  • Failed Logon Attempts
  • Authorization Failures
  • Input validation errors (CRM application errors when user inputs invalid data)
  • Logging Failures (gaps in logging)
  • Unexpected service stop
  • Log(Disk) storage capacity exceeded
  • Saved browsers (which browsers accessed system)
  • Administrator Activities
  • All activities while logged in as administrator
  • System start-up
  • System shut-down
  • Log service start
  • Log service stop
  • Changes to system (CRM configuration changes, etc)
  • Change of CRM logging level
  • etc
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