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Sizing & Impact Analysis

Like any monitoring or automation platform, when deploying Germain, it is essential to carefully consider the level of configuration no/acceptable impact on your business operations and users while maintaining an acceptable impact on your infrastructure.

Conducting an impact analysis is a crucial step in quantifying the effects of implementing monitoring and automation at different levels and determining the configuration that aligns with your organization's service level agreements (SLAs).

By performing an impact analysis, you can assess the trade-off between the value of insights and automation provided by Germain (or any other platform) and the impact it has on your systems. This analysis enables you to find the optimal balance that meets your organization's specific requirements.

Germain or the platform provider can assist you in conducting this impact analysis at no cost. They can help evaluate the impact of various configurations and provide guidance to ensure that the deployment of Germain aligns with your business objectives and SLAs.

Taking the time to conduct an impact analysis is valuable as it empowers you to make informed decisions about the configuration of Germain. This approach enables you to derive the maximum value from the insights and automation capabilities it offers while minimizing any negative impact on your business and infrastructure.


Impact on Users

Without Germain UX

Germain UX Session Replay Monitoring

Germain UX JavaScript Time Monitoring

Germain UX Rendering Time Monitoring

Germain UX Network Requests Monitoring

Germain JavaScript Profiling Monitoring

Response Time

 Impact on Network

Without Germain

With Germain

Network Bandwidth


Impact on Hardware

Without Germain

With Germain







Disk Usage




If you discover that certain monitoring activities may affect users, processes, or technology, consider enabling standard monitoring 24x7 and activating advanced monitoring only when necessary or during off-peak hours.

Enable light/standard monitoring 24x7 and advanced monitoring during off-peak hours or on-demand for a brief duration.

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