An important step in deploying any monitoring or automation platform like Germain is to find the level of configuration that ensures negligeable impact onto your Business and Users and acceptable impact on the infrastructure.

It is important to quantify that impact for multiple levels or monitoring an automation and keep the one that meets your organization’s SLA.

The more valuable Insights and Automation you expect Germain (or other platform) to provide the more important it is to consider this Impact Analysis. And we can do all this for you at no cost.


Impact on Users

Without Germain

Germain Session Replay Monitoring

Germain JavaScript Time Monitoring

Germain Rendering Time Monitoring

Germain Network Requests Monitoring

Germain JavaScript Profiling Monitoring

Response Time

 Impact on Network

Without Germain

With Germain

Network Bandwidth


 Impact on Hardware

Without Germain

With Germain







Disk Usage