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Genesys Monitoring

Features for Genesys

Germain monitors uptime, performance and user experience of Genesys (CTI) in near real-time.

Genesys is a customer experience platform that provides various contact center solutions. When monitoring a Genesys environment, Germain considers the following:

Agent performance

Monitor the performance of agents handling customer interactions. Track metrics like average handling time, customer satisfaction ratings, first-call resolution rates, and agent occupancy. Identify opportunities for agent training and improvement. More details on Business Process / Workflow Monitoring.

Application performance

Monitor the performance of Genesys applications, such as Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE) or Genesys Supervisor Desktop. Track metrics like application response time, login/logout durations, and application errors. Identify any performance issues or usability problems.

Call routing and handling

Monitor the performance and efficiency of call routing and handling processes. Track metrics such as call volume, queue lengths, agent availability, and response times. Identify any bottlenecks or issues in call routing that could impact customer experience.

Integration points

Monitor the integration points between Genesys and other systems, such as CRM systems or third-party applications. Ensure that data is flowing correctly and track response times for integrated processes.

System availability

Monitor the availability and uptime of Genesys components such as Genesys Framework, Genesys Configuration Server, and Genesys Universal Routing Server. Ensure that these core components are up and running to maintain system availability.

System performance and resource usage

Monitor the performance of Genesys servers, including CPU usage, memory utilization, disk I/O, and network traffic. Ensure that the system has enough resources to handle the load and identify any resource constraints.


Genesys Event Type - Germain UX

Genesys Message - Germain UX

Genesys Event View on Drillthrough Dashboard - Germain UX

Genesys Event View on Aggregate Dashboard - Germain UX

Genesys CTI Toast Error on Drillthrough Dashboard - Germain UX

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us. We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Feature Availability: Germain 2022.1 or later

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