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Sizing - User Replay (db sizing estimates)


In case you have not enabled the User Replay feature, note that it requires significant additional database storage (there is no free lunch! 🙂) and that additional DB storage very much depends on the 1)technology (e.g. AngularJS, WordPress,, Siebel CRM, etc) 2)version of the technology 3)customization built in the technology (when that applies) 4) user activity on the technology/app 5)settings of the User Replay feature. 

Here are some indications of what a db storage looks like for two out-of-the-box Oracle Siebel CRM:

1-hour Session Replay Size (examples)MB/h
30s seek
2 min seek interval5 min seek interval
Siebel Open UI 8.1 (OOTB)Extreme User Activity31.0027.5026.80
Expected User Activity6.402.902.20
Idle User Activity4.001.200.47
Siebel Open UI IP17 (OOTB)Extreme User Activity10.407.506.90
Expected User Activity8.205.304.70
Idle User Activity3.901.000.39


  • Complete sizing sheet is available here:
  • and a reminder we can help size for your technologies whenever you need @ no extra cost.
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