Automatic and recurring report (in CSV format) via email using the Germain's SQL report mechanism


  1. Create new SQL report action in config console (germain.apm.monitoringConfig.actions)

  2. Create action that determines execution schedule for report (germain.apm.monitoringConfig.jobs)

  3. Create template for alert (germain.apm.templates)

  4. Set File name for your report
    Within the template you have access to the action config and result set, as well as built-ins from freemarker. Example:

Report ${config.name} - ${.now?string[\"dd_MMM_yyyy\"]} - ${result.rowCount} rows

Your file name will be

MyReport - 04_MAY_2020 - 1384 rows.csv

Multiple Query Report

Ability to generate a report (sent via an email or sms) that contains data from separate SQL queries.

Login > Left Menu > Automation > SQL


Allows a user to see and modify the actual content of a template for a report.
Login > Left Menu > Systems > Templates


Hourly/daily report via email

How send hourly / daily report in an email, that listed all slow application logins instead of sending email alerts for each one of them: report-action.jsonreport-job.jsonreport-template.json

PowerShell/html script that automatically generates and emails a CSV report

That script allows generation of an email with an CSV attachment to be used for alerting, reporting, etc. This script relies on powershell and html and needs to be configured for it to work.



Manual reporting is available in PDF and CSV format via Germain workspace. More details here