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Kubernetes Monitoring


Germain can monitor the uptime and performance of a Kubernetes container and the applications running within it. Here are some of the key aspects that Germain can monitor in a Kubernetes environment:

Kubernetes Component Type

Monitor the status and performance of various Kubernetes components, such as the API server, etcd, scheduler, and controller manager.

Container Status

Monitor the status of individual containers running within a Kubernetes pod, including their readiness and liveness status.

Container Restart Count

Keep track of the number of times a container has restarted within a pod, which can indicate potential issues or instability.

Container CPU Usage

Monitor the CPU usage of containers running in a pod to ensure optimal resource allocation and detect any excessive usage or bottlenecks.

Container Memory Usage

Monitor the memory usage of containers to identify any memory leaks or excessive memory consumption that may impact application performance.

Control Flags

Monitor the control flags used in Kubernetes deployments, such as rolling updates, scaling, and autoscaling, to ensure proper functionality and configuration.

Display Hints

Monitor display hints provided by Kubernetes for containers, pods, or nodes to gather additional contextual information and insights.

Node CPU Usage

Monitor the CPU usage of Kubernetes nodes to understand the overall resource utilization and identify potential performance issues.

Node Memory Usage

Monitor the memory usage of Kubernetes nodes to ensure efficient resource allocation and detect any memory-related issues.

Pod Status

Monitor the status of pods within the Kubernetes cluster, including their readiness, phase, and conditions. This helps ensure the availability and stability of applications.

Server Profile

Monitor the performance and health of the Kubernetes server itself, including resource usage, API responsiveness, and overall system health.

By monitoring these aspects of a Kubernetes environment, Germain can provide valuable insights into the health, performance, and availability of containers, pods, and the overall Kubernetes infrastructure."


Deploy Germain UX monitoring for Kubernetes here.

Also, please note that Germain UX can also run within a Kubernetes Container.

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 2022.3 or later

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