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IMAP Monitoring

Features for IMAP

Germain monitors an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server according to the following criteria:

Server Availability

Germain monitors the availability and responsiveness of the IMAP server, ensuring that it is up and running and capable of accepting client connections.

Connection and Authentication

Germain monitors the successful establishment of IMAP connections and tracks authentication attempts. It identifies any connection failures or authentication issues that may prevent users from accessing their mailboxes.

Mailbox Status

Germain monitors the status of individual mailboxes on the IMAP server. It keeps track of the mailbox size, message count, and any mailbox-specific issues, such as quota limits or folder permissions.

Message Retrieval

Germain monitors the retrieval of messages from mailboxes. It tracks the response times for fetching emails, especially when dealing with large mailboxes or attachments. It identifies any delays or bottlenecks in the message retrieval process.

Mailbox Synchronization

Germain monitors the synchronization of mailboxes across different IMAP clients or devices. It ensures that changes made on one client, such as read/unread status, flags, or folder structure, are correctly reflected on other clients.

Message Search

Germain monitors the search functionality of the IMAP server. It tests and tracks the response times for various search operations, such as searching by sender, subject, or keywords. It identifies any performance issues or delays in message search.

Error Detection and Analysis

Germain monitors and analyzes any error messages or exceptions that occur during IMAP operations. It keeps track of IMAP-specific error codes and messages to identify and troubleshoot issues promptly.

Performance Metrics

Germain utilizes IMAP server performance metrics to monitor resource utilization, such as CPU usage, memory consumption, and network bandwidth. These metrics help identify any performance bottlenecks or resource constraints that may affect the overall performance of the server.

By monitoring these aspects of the IMAP server, Germain provides insights into its availability, performance, and health. This enables proactive monitoring, timely issue detection, and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring smooth and reliable access to email services."


Go to Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Wizards > IMAP

Imap Wizard - Germain UX

Enter monitoring details

Select “IMAP Monitor” for “Component Type” or Create your own (See below '(Optional): Creating a custom “IMAP Monitor Component”')

Select or create then select entries for “Monitored Server”, “Monitored Application”, and “Credentials”

Click Next

Imap Parameters - Germain UX

(Optional) Creating a custom “IMAP Monitor Component”

Click the + button to the right of “Component Type” on the screen above

Name the new Component then Click + to create a new rule.

Imap Parameters (2) - Germain UX

If you have not already: You will need to create a rule that is specific to your needs. You can base this off this sample code.

SAMPLE: imap-default.drl
// Sample IMAP monitoring rules.
package com.germainsoftware.apm;

dialect "mvel"

import javax.mail.*;
import com.germainsoftware.apm.converter.*;
import com.germainsoftware.apm.message.*;
import com.germainsoftware.apm.router.*;

global org.slf4j.Logger logger;
global com.germainsoftware.apm.converter.DatamartConverter datamart;
global com.germainsoftware.apm.router.RouterContext context;

rule "Unread folder count"
    $m : IMGermainessage( )
then"Received message for: {}", $;

    GenericMetric m = new GenericMetric();
    m.type = "IMAP:Unread Count"; = $;
    m.timestamp = $m.timestamp;
    m.value = (double)$m.folder.getUnreadMessageCount();
    datamart.insert(m, context);


Once you have written your rule, hit validate. If it passes validation, hit “Finish”.

Imap Rule - Germain UX

You will be back at “IMAP Monitor Component Step” 1. Hit Next

Add all folders you would like to be checked to the list. Add entries to the list by hitting +

Hit Finish

Imap Folders - Germain UX

Enter Port Number

Choose “Use SSL” setting

Click Next

Imap Port - Germain UX


Enter a name in “Monitor Name”

Choose the “Monitoring Node”

Choose the “Engine”

Set your monitoring “Interval”

Click Finish

Imap Deployment - Germain UX

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us. We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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