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Deploy Monitoring for Salesforce Experience Cloud


Germain UX integrates with all access points that are offered by Salesforce Experience Cloud, including:

User Monitoring and Replay Deployment for Salesforce Experience Cloud

There is one simple way of enabling Real User Experience and Session Replay Monitoring for Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Video overview: Salesforce Cloud Experience Monitoring Deployment Steps

  1. Go to Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Wizard > Salesforce Experience Cloud

SFDC Experience Cloud Wizard in Germain UX

  • Enter Name, URL, Privacy details and BOT/Crawler exclusion or not for your SFDC Experience Cloud.

    Details of SFDC Experience Cloud Wizard in Germain UX

  • Fill in the form and click FINISH to deploy this monitoring

  • Go to Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Analytics > UX Monitoring Profiles

  • Select UX Monitoring Profile recently created

Business Process Monitoring Deployment for Salesforce Experience Cloud

Germain is capable of automating the identification of inefficient workflows or users who are wasting valuable time (e.g., a customer taking 8 minutes to place an order instead of 2 minutes), and Germain can do this at scale. For this purpose, here is the guide on how to monitor your critical workflow on your Salesforce Experience Cloud store. Alternatively, as usual, feel free to contact us, and we can configure it for you.

Application Monitoring Deployment for Salesforce Experience Cloud

Essential health and performance monitoring for Salesforce Experience Cloud occurs via Germain UX RUM JS (above). However, more complex application level monitoring can be automated via Germain UX Engine.

JavaScript Analysis Deployment for Salesforce Experience Cloud

If any of your SFDC users experience technology-related issues (such as errors, browser freezes, etc.) and you require 'deeper' insights, similar to what Google Chrome's DevTools offers, but without bothering your SFDC users, then you need to deploy the Germain UX JS Profiler browser extension to their SFDC desktop (and this can be done without inconveniencing your SFDC users). The JS Profiler browser extension will collect advanced insights into the Apex code, JavaScript code, and other browser objects to better understand the root cause of the user's error. For more details on how to deploy the Germain UX JS Profiler, please refer to the deployment guide.

Synthetic User Scenario Recorder for Salesforce Experience Cloud

RPA Bot Recorder is another browser extension (part of Germain UX) that makes it easier for you to record a synthetic user scenario with Selenium. Once the Selenium script is recorded, you can allow Germain to manage it by deploying it for thousands of URLs, locations, remotely upgrading it, restarting it, and more.

The primary purpose of running a synthetic user scenario 24/7 is to detect user issues before they impact real users by simulating a user browsing your SFDC application 24/7 at your desired frequency.

Here are steps to deploy Germain UX RPA Bot Recorder.

RPA Bots to further enhance Salesforce Experience Cloud

And here is a list of the other RPA Bot mechanisms that are offered in Germain UX to detect issues before they impact the business or proactively resolve low-hanging fruit issues (automatic data updates, automatic restart of a failed integration, etc.)

Feature Availability: 2023.1 or later


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