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Monitoring & Analytics - Java & JVM (deeper insights)


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Re-designed and enhanced germain Germain's Java & JVM monitoring feature. Customers can now monitor the execution duration of any java method / service through code injection. Our past/old Java monitoring capability was just doing sampling CPU profiling (i.e., check every N milliseconds to see which function is currently active and accumulate that over time). Code injection provides a significantly better accuracy and greater depth when it comes to identifying slow or inefficient java methods.


  • Call(s) per Service
  • Events monitoring
  • Inbound & outbound HTTP monitoring
  • Inbound & outbound JMS monitoring
  • Session ID self-populate on inbound HTTP requests
  • Support for generating metrics collection
  • SQL execution
  • Transactions monitoring


Greater depth of insights to help identify bottlenecks that prevent a Java application to be available or be fast

Performance Impact

Small/negligible performance impact on the monitored application. Here are some details about the load tests we performed on our labs, to understand how much of an impact this newly enhanced java monitoring mechanism may cause on a monitored application

Test scenario & result: 50 concurrent users browsing germain Germain dashboard and config console + 300 users using a CRM web application and being monitored by germain Germain engines & js scripts)

CPU Increase: 0.5% increase in CPU

Memory increase: < 50 MB

Response time (average overhead / request)

HTTP requests: +0.26ms

Generic Java method: +0.35ms

SQL statements: +0.37ms

SQL Prepared statement: +1.5ms


Java Monitoring


RCA for Inbound Java request > custom java method call > SQL query execution

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