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Maintenance - Nextgen (2)


American Airlines, Anz Bank, eBay, GE, Pepsi, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo, etc


Continuing to work on our nextGen project, scheduled to be available by 12/31/19. This nextGen is in response to our Clients that have asked us for more ways to slice and dice the data, more intelligent insight findings, faster and easier configuration (of any monitoring, analytics and automation) and last but not least a better user experience.

This month, we have made significant progress on the design of the configuration capabilities as well as started implemented some of them. Some of the features we have touched upon:

  • Comprehensive config console (to allow enterprise-wide deployment)
    • User Management
    • Data Source Management
    • Monitoring Management
    • Analytics Management
    • Automation Management
  • Charting
  • Search
  • Extended wizards
    • Parser wizard
    • KPI wizard
    • Business Process wizard
    • SQL wizard
    • Desktop PC wizard
    • End-user wizard
    • OS wizard

And a number of new and exciting features we won't disclose here. We can share more details upon request.


Need more details about it?

Want to be sure your ideas are going to be incorporated into this nextgen?

email me, or or log a ticket:

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