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Monitoring & Analytics - User Click RCA (e.g. Browser> Network > MarkoJS > NodeJS > Java > MySQL)


End-to-end RCA/Root-cause analysis (Browser > Network > Web > Application Server > Integration layers > Database, etc) is now provided for any User Click and Transaction performed on any technologies that are monitored by germain Germain.

This end-to-end RCA feature can be further configured, by your organization (or us), and be tailored to each technology, to best help troubleshoot different type of technology issues.This end-to-end RCA leverages the Correlation engine we released last year. You can use that Correlation engine to help track a transaction that travels through technologies.


Example of a root-cause analysis of a User Click that is performed on a MarkoJS web page, a click that is processed in this case by a Chrome Browser, generates HTTP traffic to a NodeJS server, which then calls a Java application, which pulls data from MySQL database. All the transactions that are processed by Chrome, MarkoJS, NodeJS, Java, MySQL and associated with that user click, are correlated by germain Germain and displayed on this RCA dashboard.

Configuration: click here

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