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Oracle Database Setup


Germain supports Oracle Database as its datastore, providing users with a reliable and feature-rich solution for managing their data. Oracle Database services and products are designed to offer customers cost-optimized and high-performance versions of Oracle Database, delivering the following benefits:

  1. Robustness and Reliability: Oracle Database is known for its robustness and reliability. It has built-in features such as data replication, backup and recovery, and automatic storage management, ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime.

  2. Scalability and Performance: Oracle Database offers scalability to handle large amounts of data and concurrent user connections. It utilizes advanced query optimization techniques, indexing mechanisms, and caching to deliver high-performance query processing and response times.

  3. Security: Oracle Database provides a comprehensive set of security features to protect your data. It includes access control, data encryption, auditing, and fine-grained access policies, helping you meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

  4. Advanced Analytics: Oracle Database offers a wide range of analytical capabilities, including built-in analytics functions, advanced data mining, and machine learning algorithms. These features enable you to derive insights from your data and make data-driven decisions.

  5. Integration and Compatibility: Oracle Database is highly compatible with various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. It supports SQL as its query language and provides drivers and connectors for seamless integration with different application environments.

By choosing Oracle Database as the datastore for Germain, you can leverage its advanced features, scalability, performance, and security to effectively manage and analyze your data. Whether it's for transaction processing, data warehousing, or analytics, Oracle Database provides a robust foundation for building and deploying applications with Germain.


Note: It is recommended to run SQL scripts from SQL Developer or other 3rd party SQL client tools.  With sqlplus they can fail due to blank lines in the INSERT statements.

  • Extract Germain Service release file (to be referred to as $SERVICE_HOME)

  • Open "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/readme.txt"

  • Go to "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/oracle"

  • Edit "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/oracle/basic-setup.sql" Please update passwords "xxxx" accordingly before running the script.

  • Run SQL scripts in sequence specified in "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/readme.txt":

    • For file basic-*.sql, run logged in as sysdba

    • For config-*.sql", run logged in as APM_CONFIG

    • For datamart-*.sql, run logged in as APM_DATAMART


Materialized Views

The materialized views which are part of the APM datamart schema are configured to be refreshed periodically. Normally, this requires no user interaction; however it is possible for the process to get interrupted. To investigate this situation, the following query can be used:

select JOB, LAST_DATE, FAILURES, BROKEN, WHAT from ALL_JOBS WHERE WHAT LIKE '%dbms_refresh.refresh%'

The result of this query will contain a row for each materialized view refresh job, with a count of failed executions.

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