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Profiles (Monitoring or Automation Sets)


Profiles are designed to facilitate the deployment of a preconfigured set of monitoring or automation across thousands of data sources, whether they are software or hardware.

You can create as many profiles as you need.

Here is a set of available profiles:

  • Apache HTTP Server

  • Apache Tomcat Server

  • Apache ZooKeeper Node

  • BIP App Server

  • DB2 Database Server

  • Docker Server

  • Germain APM Cloud Server

  • Kubernetes Cluster Node

  • Microsoft IIS Server

  • MySQL Database Server

  • Nginx Web Server

  • OBIEE Server

  • Oracle Database Server

  • PHP Server

  • PostgreSQL Database Server

  • SQL Server Database Server

  • Salesforce Application

  • Siebel App Server

  • Siebel Gateway Server

  • Siebel Web Server

Create/Edit a Profile

Germain Workspace > Left menu > Systems > Root.. >Monitoring > Server Profiles

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