A prospective client we cannot disclose the name.


While working directly with the CMO and their direct VP/Director-level reports, this large offshore manufacturing company wanted us to fill in the gaps of its current BI and Market Intelligence investments and get better prospects, campaign, and conversion insights.

Real-time Metrics that the Client is now getting from Germain:

  • For their Marketing needs:

    • Landing Page insights (Time on/per Page, Returning vs New User, etc)

    • Campaign Insights (Success, Referrer, Conversion Time, Flow, etc)

    • Social Media success (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, etc)

    • Visitor name/email

    • Online Chats Insights (Referrer, Frictions during conversation, etc)

    • Record/replay Visitors Behaviors and Conversations,

  • For their IT/DevOps needs:

    • Bounce rate and technology root-cause analysis to understand what causes drop-offs

To get these above metrics, Germain integrated with their:

  • website

  • 187 landing pages

  • whatsapp

Client’s current BI and Market Intelligence tech stack:

  • FDI Signals/Market

  • Google Analytics

  • Leadforensics

  • Oracle Eloqua

  • Oracle ERP

  • Panjiva

  • SalesForce

  • Tableau

  • Zoominfo