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Monitoring & Analytics - SFDC Case & Endpoint


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Use Cases

Example of use cases where germain tracks and alerts whenever:

  1. Credit Card (of a Case in SFDC/ stays in “submitted” status for more than 30 minutes

  2. Membership Orders (of a Case in SFDC) stays in “submitted” status for more than 30 min

  3. HTTP endpoint is changed

  4. MX Orders endpoint is changed

Other benefits here: Salesforce Monitoring (Classic, Lightning)


  • To monitor SFDC Cases (or any other Business Data), you need:

    • Access to one of these 3 SFDC data sources:

      • SFDC SOQL

      • SFDC JDBC Driver

      • SFDC UI

    • Deploy one of these 2 germain components

      • Engine/Rule (for SFDC SOQL or JDBC Driver)

      • Browser Extension (for SFDC UI)

    • Configure Document Audit feature

  • SFDC Endpoints are available in SFDC: Setup > Custom Metadata Types > HTTP Endpoints

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