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Telco shares its success


Early in 2020, Germain initiated a partnership with one of Asia-Pacific's largest telecommunications companies, which was grappling with a rising number of user-reported errors in its legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Specifically, employees who heavily relied on the desktop version of their CRM were encountering substantial delays and inconsistent performance, negatively impacting their productivity and user experience.


To address these challenges and enhance the performance of their CRM application, the telco company engaged with Germain to leverage its expertise and real-time monitoring capabilities. Although the specific brand name of the telco company cannot be disclosed, the collaboration with Germain proved instrumental in resolving their CRM-related issues.

By implementing Germain's solutions, the telco company gained comprehensive insights into the performance and usage patterns of their CRM application. Germain's real-time monitoring enabled the identification of bottlenecks, performance inconsistencies, and user errors, facilitating the company's efforts to improve their CRM system's stability and overall user experience.

Through continuous monitoring and analysis, Germain helped the telco company identify the root causes of delays and inconsistencies in their desktop CRM application. Armed with these insights, the company was able to implement targeted optimizations, streamline processes, and enhance the overall performance and responsiveness of their CRM system.

The collaboration between Germain and the APAC telco company demonstrates Germain's commitment to addressing the specific needs and challenges of enterprise-scale organizations within the telecommunications industry. By leveraging Germain's real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities, the telco company successfully addressed user-reported errors, improved application performance, and enhanced the user experience of their CRM system.

Case study

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