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Dashboard enhancements

Enhancements of Germain dashboard to ease data analysis and correlation. These aren't self-explanatory but more details are available upon request.

  • Level 1 Health portlet
  • "Measure Color Breakdown" trend chart now supports several metrics(e.g. Duration, Count, etc)
  • Geo Map improvements
  • String copy/paste
  • Tree control
  • Info consolidation on multi-kpi portlet
  • Export of all rows (on drill-through dashboard) - any row visible on any drill-through dashboard can now be exported into an XLS file

Germain dashboard enhancements wrt configuration capabilities

  • Systemic portlet - make "data source" in portlet's settings a select list, integrate maximize action with animation/slide
  • Portlet configuration - self-intuitive pivot values
  • Wizards for KPI & SLA
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