Enhanced the signup process on our https://cloud.germainux.com to make it easier, start reflecting more of the benefits customers can get with regards to CX, PX, UX, and Technology performance analytics, and as our service in included at no additional charge, customers now have the ability, on this cloud, to collaborate with us and ask us for more user/business/technology analytics. This is v2 of our cloud, a much bigger release is on its way this year. Try it out: https://cloud.germainux.com

It takes 1 minute to have your cloud instance ready (and a few minutes or hours depending your organization process..to get Agent and/or JS scripts to be deployed within your infrastructure). Cloud is hosted on AWS. Database is dedicated to each customer. Database technology is by default mySQL but noSQL datastore MemSQL can be configured for any customers that need more than ~300 Million analytics per day.