Team is a way to group users together. They can be used in a number of ways to make it easier to configure Dashboard and Data Visibility, and Alerting on a larger scale.

A Team can either be Business or Technical.

Business Team can only view preconfigured dashboards with Business metrics.

Technical Team can view any preconfigured dashboards, business or technical.

Create a Team

  1. Go to System > Auth Settings > Teams

  2. Click :plus: Add New Configuration.

  3. Provide the following values:

    • Name (The name of this team)

    • Type (The type of the team - Business or Technical)

    • Users (The users that are members of this team)

  4. Click Finish.

Adding Users to a Team

There are 2 ways to add users to a Team.

  1. When editing a Team you can select which users should be members of the team.

  2. When selecting multiple users from the Users (System > Auth Settings > Users) page there is a bulk action that allows updating the Roles and Teams of the selected users.

Dashboard Permissions per Team

A Germain Administrator is required to define which Team(s) has access to which dashboard.


  1. Teams can have pinned dashboards associated with them, when a user is added to a team they will inherit the pinned dashboards from that team.

  2. The type of team (Technical or Business) will affect what data is seen on Drillthough and RCA. A user inherits the types of all of their teams.