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Creating and Managing Teams in Germain


  • Teams in Germain help group users together for easier configuration, data visibility, and alerting on a larger scale.

  • Teams can be either Business or Technical.

    • Business Teams can view preconfigured dashboards with business metrics.

    • Technical Teams can view any preconfigured dashboards, whether business or technical.

Creating a Team

  1. Go to System > Auth Settings > Teams.

  2. Click :plus: "Add New Configuration."

  3. Provide the following values:

    • Name (Team name)

    • Type (Business or Technical)

    • Users (Members of the team)

  4. Click "Finish."

Adding Users to a Team

  • You can add users to a team in two ways:

    1. While editing a team, select which users should be team members.

    2. From the Users page (System > Auth Settings > Users), select multiple users and use a bulk action to update their Roles and Teams.

Dashboard Permissions per Team

A Germain Administrator can specify which team(s) have access to each dashboard.


  • Teams can have pinned dashboards associated with them. Users added to a team inherit the pinned dashboards from that team.

  • The team type (Technical or Business) affects what data is visible on Drillthrough and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). A user inherits the types of all their teams.

Service: Authentication

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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