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Germain has the ability of categorizing data/facts into groups, in order to identify new problems or issues among a large volume of issue instances. This capability is particularly useful to find new kind of Code Exception or Application Crash among thousands and when an exception or crash involves several data sources (binary file, text file, etc).

System administrators can easily spot Crash or Exception that have not been encountered before, indicating potential issues that require immediate attention. This proactive approach ensures that emerging problems are addressed promptly, preventing any negative impact on system performance or user experience.

In summary, Germain's ability to categorize data/facts into groups provides system administrators with efficient error management. It helps in analyzing error frequency, reducing effort in error review, prioritizing issue resolution, and detecting new or unique errors. These capabilities streamline the troubleshooting process, leading to faster issue resolution and improved overall system performance.

Video overview: .

Java Exception Categorization

For java application, Germain analyzes the “path” of an exception/failure and finds the new ones vs the ones that have been reoccurring. Most other APMs only tell you that there is another “nullpointerexception” but don’t help you distinguish between “UserService.getCurrent” and “BusinessLogicService.performLogic” making it very hard to deal with as they often are millions.

Java Exception 1:

Java Exception 1 detected by Germain UX

Java Exception 2:

Java Exception 2 detected by Germain UX

Javascript Error Categorization

For web application, built in any javascript (angular, react, etc), Germain analyzes the types of errors and finds the new ones and their business impact. Most other APMs only tell you that there is another “Uncaught TypeError” but don’t distinguish between “…reading ‘toString’…” and “…reading 'b'….”

Javascript Message/Error 1:

Javascript Error detected by Germain UX

Javascript Message/Error 2:

Javascript Error detected by Germain UX

Siebel CRM Object Manager Crash Categorization

For Siebel CRM, the analysis of an Object Manager crash may or not require the analysis of several files (an enterprise file, an Object Manager file, a FDR file and/or a Core dump file).

Example of a portlet thats shows the categorization result of hundreds of Siebel OM Crashes

Siebel object manager crashes analyzed by Germain UX

Siebel Object Manager Crash Trend Reported by Germain UX

Drilldown into Siebel crash analysis - Germain UX

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later

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