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Optimized the way Germain captures, reconstructs and replays User Session(s) browsing a web application (built in HTML/JS such as AngularJS, ReactJS,, Siebel OUI, etc). Along with less monitoring overhead, smaller transfer size, and improved replay efficiency, this re-design helps address a number of bugs that were noticed on a number of browsers/versions (often, the Replays of User Sessions were missing portion(s) of the user scenario, or were inaccurate, etc).


No need to call the end-user (employee, partner, customer,...) to understand what he/she did while he/she was browsing your eCommerce, CRM or ERP business application. You can instead visualize the exact scenario of that real user. Visualization/Replay session includes mouse moves, mouse clicks, user typed or selected data, user error, etc

Supported Technologies

Any HTML and/or JS technology such as:

  • AngularJS
  • Html
  • Javascript
  • MarkoJS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • Siebel CRM (OUI)
  • (Classic and Lightning)
  • etc


Real Session Replay for a user that browsed HTTPS://ANGULAR.IO (angular framework, javascript, Html5)

Real Session Replay for a user that browsed HTTPS://AZURE.MICROSOFT.COM/ (jquery, javascript, html5)

Real Session Replay for a user that browsed Siebel CRM OpenUI (Javascript, jquery, require, html5)