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Http Execution


Ability to execute Http/s request(s) for various automation purposes (uptime check, synthetic user scenario, transaction triggering, etc), manually or automatically.

Http/s Action Execution

Execute Http/s Action or Port Request against any Data Source.

Use Cases

  • Execute a HTTP Action, automatically on a schedule or at a specific time of day.

  • Execute a HTTP Action, manually by click on Germain UX’s workspace and get some real-time feedback (i.e. Success or Fail) about the result of that execution.

Http/s Scenario Execution

Very similar to executing a HTTP Action but specific to the execution of a User Scenario, at the HTTP level. Alternatively, you can also run User Scenario at the click-level.

Here details on how to configure the execution of a HTTP Action or Scenario.

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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