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Monitoring & Analytics - Session Replay (faster/greater insights)


American Airlines, Anz Bank, General Electric, eBay, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo


Nothing new compared with what we announced last month, but since a number of you asked us questions about what these features and benefits, some clarifications: you can now find very quickly the most critical issues that affect your business, customers, users…among thousands or millions of session replays/videos, owing to these new features:

  • Identification of Session Replay(s) based on keyword(s) search (e.g. 404, product id=ABC, etc)

    • Benefit: out of thousands or millions of session replays, you can list out, within a few second, the 1,2….10 session replays that are critical to your business

  • Positioning of the Session Replay based on keyword(s)

    • Benefit: many saved hours…no longer need to watch hours of a user browsing your eCommerce, CRM or other webapp, you can now identify the portion of the replay that your organization cares about the most, within a simple and quick search.

  • Highlight of critical data on Session Replay, critical data can be:

    • Anything you define as critical via the SLA mechanism

    • Errors, Freeze, etc

    • Business Process (that a user would get involved with)

    • User Activity (mouse clicks, moves…vs idle state of the browser)

more details

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