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Monitoring & Analytics - Time Breakdown for Transaction


American Airlines, Anz Bank, GE Healthcare, Pepsi, True Telecom, Volvo


Enhancement 1: More granular time breakdown for a transaction so that now, the infra/server-side time is broken down by layers e.g. for siebel, time is broken down by [browser/scripting - browser/html rendering - browser/user input - infra/siebel object manager - infra/database - network]

Labels of this time breakdown are customizable.

Enhancement2: introducing the notion of Exclusive (critical path-related time for a transaction to complete) and Cumulative (asynchronous transaction time summed up to help you understand how much processing is being performed irrespective of when a transaction completes its critical purpose)

e.g. for

e.g. for Oracle Siebel CRM

e.g. For a React/Java app:

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