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Competitive analysis - Oracle UPT vs germain APM and germain CRT

We have been asked a number of times over the past months, to compare germain Germain and germain CRT to Oracle Siebel UPT. We have used UPT in the past and again refreshed our knowledge this past month using their latest version. Here is our take on it but in the end, please try them out and you will see the differences by yourself.

                                                   COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS FOR SIEBEL CRM CUSTOMERSOracle UPTgermain CRTgermain Germain
tool for developeryesyesyes
tool for administrator, ux, user support, bi teamnonoyes
User Experience realtime monitoring
(behavior, flow/scenario, mouse clicks and moves, data typing and selecting)
Business Process monitoring & insightsnonoyes
Infrastructure monitoring & insights (n/w, hardware, software)nonoyes
Application monitoring & insights (down to code)nonoyes
Automation frameworknonoyes
Predictive Analyticsnonosome
Monitor how often users use a siebel application, an applet, or business component yesnoyes
Helps change application configuration and featuresyesyesyes
Helps simplify the user interfacenonoyes
Facilitate siebel developer trainingsomeyesno
Facilitate siebel user trainingnonoyes
Gather details about the actions that lead to error conditionsnoyesyes
Monitor feature usage after application upgrades or during development cycles yesnoyes
Monitor feature performance after application upgrades or during development cycles noyesyes
Help evaluate the usefulness of upgrades or new development and to optimize test cyclesnoyesyes
Siebel Event Handlers call countyesnoyes
Siebel Method call countyesnoyes
Siebel eScript  automatic reviewnoyesno
Siebel eScript issue impact analysisnoyesno
Siebel eScript tuning recommendationnoyesno
Siebel Repository Object automatic reviewnoyesno
Siebel Repository Object issue impact analysisnoyesno
Siebel Repository Object tuning recommendationnoyesno
Siebel DB Index automatic reviewnoyesno
Siebel DB Index issue impact analysisnoyesno
Siebel DB Index tuning recommendationnoyesno

Download Oracle UPT vs Germain and germainCRT.xlsx

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