The leading Global Medical Technology And Digital Solutions Innovator organizations had been using a 2 year old version of Germain. They recently upgraded their Germain environments to the latest release, and completed migration of their data. Their feedback below is the type of feedback we get from every client.

The firm’s DevOps, L2, L3 and Executive Teams (~75 employees) have been using Germain over the past 4 years, to monitor its Oracle Siebel CRM platform and have been expanding to other use cases and technologies (, Java, Kubernetes, Php, Low-dev Platform, etc).

Before upgrade:

  • Germain 8.5.2 (Old UI built in plain javascript, html, MySQL datastore)

After upgrade:

  • Germain 8.6.15 (New UI built with reactJS, many new features e.g. smart insight, data visualization, data analysis, search, data discovery, data correlation, collaboration features, administration features, … ElasticSearch datastore)