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Medical Technology feedback

The leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator organization had been utilizing a previous version of Germain for the past two years. However, they recently made the decision to upgrade their Germain environment to the latest release and successfully completed the migration of their data. We consistently receive positive feedback from clients during this upgrade process, and their experience is no exception.

For the past four years, the firm's DevOps, L2, L3, and Executive Teams, comprising approximately 75 employees, have been leveraging Germain to monitor their Oracle Siebel CRM platform. Over time, they have expanded their usage to include other use cases and technologies such as , Java, Kubernetes, PHP, and Low-dev Platform.

Here's a summary of the changes they experienced:

Before the upgrade

  • Germain 7.2 (Old UI built in plain JavaScript, HTML, MySQL datastore)

After the upgrade

  • Germain 8.6.15 (New UI built with ReactJS)

  • Introduction of numerous new features, including smart insights, data visualization, data analysis, search capabilities, data discovery, data correlation, collaboration features, administration features, and more.

  • Adoption of ElasticSearch as the new datastore.

The upgraded Germain environment not only provides an enhanced user interface built with modern technology but also offers a host of new features and improvements that enable advanced data analysis, visualization, and collaboration. This upgrade ensures that the organization stays at the forefront of monitoring technology, empowering them to derive even greater insights and value from their data.

At Germain, we are committed to continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our clients. If you would like to explore how upgrading to the latest version of Germain can benefit your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support your success and drive innovation in your monitoring processes.

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