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Files / Logs Monitoring


Germain has the ability to automatically monitor your files and their content. Most File Formats are supported by Germain (.txt, json, csv, binary, .zip, xml, etc).

When it comes to monitoring files using Germain UX, there are several critical factors to consider for optimal File management and analysis. Monitoring files play a pivotal role in ensuring the performance, security, and overall health of software applications, systems, or networks.

Real-time monitoring is integral. Through Germain UX, you can configure real-time monitoring to promptly detect and respond to critical events or anomalies as they occur.

File Parsing and Standardization. Ensure that Files adhere to standardized formats and structures. Germain UX aids in parsing and normalizing Files, enhancing their manageability and comparability.

File Gathering. It's crucial to establish a systematic method to collect Files from various sources. This encompasses diverse Files such as application Files, system Files, security Files, network Files, and more. Germain UX provides mechanisms to streamline the collection process.

File Centralization. The ability to aggregate Files from multiple sources into a unified platform is essential. Germain UX offers tools that facilitate File aggregation, making it easier to analyze and gain insights from consolidated data.

More details on the benefits that Germain UX provides:


Leverage Germain UX's capabilities to establish alerts that notify relevant stakeholders when specific events or patterns warrant attention, facilitating proactive problem resolution. More details here.

Anomaly Detection

Germain UX supports the implementation of anomaly detection algorithms. This empowers you to identify unusual patterns or behaviors, potentially signaling security breaches or performance irregularities. More details about Anomaly Categorization.


Correlating Files from different sources using Germain UX provides a comprehensive view of incidents or events. This correlation aids in pinpointing root causes and understanding broader impacts.

More details on File Correlation.


A Germain administrator has the ability to request any file to be downloaded by clicking on a “request for download” link on the Germain Workspace. An email will then be sent to the administrator with a link to retrieve the file.

On Germain RCA screen, Click on "Cloud" icon next to filename to initiate file upload.

Request File Download from Germain UX RCA dashboard

File Download Request in Progress on Germain UX RCA dashboard

Germain alerts you when it has retrieved the log file from the application server and you can download the log file by clicking on the "Download" link:

File Ready for Download from Germain UX email.

or Download the log file from the RCA screen

File Ready for Download from Germain UX RCA Dashboard.

Integration with Incident Response

Seamlessly integrate Germain UX into your incident response procedures, as Files play a central role in effective incident resolution. Example integrating Germain UX to ServiceNow.

Parsing and Standardization

Ensure that Files adhere to standardized formats and structures. Germain UX aids in parsing and normalizing Files, enhancing their manageability and comparability. Details on how to write a parsing rule.

Retention Compliance

Germain UX can assist in adhering to industry regulations and compliance standards that dictate File retention periods and security protocols. Define a clear File retention policy outlining the duration for which Files should be stored. This practice addresses compliance requirements, historical issue analysis, and forensic evaluations. More details on File Purging or Archiving.

Search and Query

With Germain UX's robust search and query tools, efficiently navigating vast File volumes becomes manageable. This is instrumental in investigating issues and uncovering trends. Details about search capabilities.


Automate File Analysis via Germain Rules

Correlate info from various files/data sources

Enable Document Audit

Enable File Archiving

Enable File Purging

Auto-control File level setting

Categorize Bloc of Information in Files to identify new issues

Please note that the exact implementation and configuration of File level management in Germain may vary based on the specific integration and setup of your application. Please reaching out to us. We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.


Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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