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Audit Monitoring for Salesforce Cloud (Configuration)


Here are details on how to configure Germain UX to monitor SFDC Audit.

Configure Monitoring of SFDC Audit


This monitoring is enabled when you deploy Salesforce monitoring using the Salesforce wizard.


Follow these steps to disable ongoing Salesforce Instance Status monitoring:

  • Go to Germain Workspace.

  • Access the Left Menu.

  • Choose "Germain" and then switch to the "State" tab.

  • Search for Type Name = Salesforce Audit Monitor.

    Salesforce Audit Monitoring component

    Salesforce Audit Monitoring component

  • Disable the selected component by switching the toggle in the "ENABLED" column to the (disabled state).


By default, this monitoring is configured to run every twelve hours. You have two options to update this component's execution frequency:

First Deployment

  • You can set the execution frequency value during the initial Salesforce Application monitoring deployment in the Salesforce Application wizard. Click "SHOW ADVANCED" and set the "Audit Monitoring Interval" value.

Audit Monitoring Interval

Audit Monitoring Interval


  1. Go to Germain Workspace.

  2. Access the Left Menu.

  3. Choose "Germain" and then switch to the "State" tab.

  4. Search for Type Name = Salesforce Audit Monitor.

  5. Select a component.

  6. Update the "Execution Schedule" value and click to save your change.

Execution Schedule configuration for SFDC Instance Status component

Execution Schedule configuration for SFDC Salesforce Audit component


KPIs for SFDC Audit


Dashboards > IT > Application > Salesforce > Salesforce > “Audit” related portlets

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later

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