Germain is now able to monitor performance of NodeJS application and send alert (email/sms) for any issue. Areas/entities that Germain monitors and provides insights on while monitoring a NodeJS application, in the case you use Node.js as an application server (on the other end, if you are using Node.js as a front-end, the below list of benefit may or not apply and all you need to do to enable that monitoring is to declare our 2 javascripts within your node.js app, and we can provide more details if needed):

  • Crash monitoring and analysis
  • Disk monitoring
  • Error monitoring (crash, etc)
  • Event loop performance monitoring
  • Exception monitoring
  • Exit monitoring 
  • Express monitoring
  • Heap size and heap usage monitoring for node.js process
  • Integrate existing generic monitoring features
  • Load average monitoring
  • Logging integration
  • MarkoJS app name extractor
  • MultipleResolves monitoring
  • Network / incoming and outgoing HTTP monitoring
  • OS monitoring
  • Promises rejection monitoring (Unhandled promise rejections, etc).
  • Startup duration monitoring
  • Tagging requests from UX and extract on node.js 
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Warning monitoring (bad coding practices, bugs, or security vulnerabilities),

and few aspect of the management/configuration of that feature:

  • Configuration for the session extractors
  • NPM deployment
  • Email Alert (generic, preconfigured for NodeJS, and configurable)

Installation & Configuration



Node.js 8.0.0 and above.