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AIX Monitoring


Germain is capable of monitoring the uptime and performance of the AIX operating system. AIX is a popular Unix-based operating system developed by IBM for their Power Systems servers. Germain provides monitoring capabilities for various operating systems, including AIX, allowing users to track system availability, performance metrics, and other relevant data.

By leveraging Germain's monitoring features, organizations can gain insights into the health and performance of their AIX-based systems, enabling them to detect issues, optimize performance, and ensure efficient operation.

For more detailed information, please reach out to us. We will provide you with specific guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.


Germain Engine(s) establishes an SSH connection to the monitored system periodically and execute a series of commands. Each of these commands can be individually configured, customized, etc


Purpose / Metric

svmon –G

Memory Usage

vmstat 1 4

CORE Usage

df –P

Disk Usage

iostat –D –l

Disk Queue Length

netstat –f inet –n

Network Queue Length

netstat –d en9

Network Usage


OS Availability

ps –A

OS Processes

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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